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Best C-Section Scar Treatment

c section scar

The best C-section scar treatment consists of a few things one can do. Read on to learn about which options will help your scar heal quickly. C-section scars are very common among women because the caesarean section is the most … Continue reading

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White Scar Treatment – Repigmentation of Hypopigmented Scars

a white scar

White or pale scars are hard to treat effectively. These scars appear this way due to less melanin production. The cause?, scar tissue has less melanocytes, which make melanin, then normal skin. First we will take a closer look at … Continue reading

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Onion Extract For Scars, Does It Work

It is commonly thought that onion extract helps improve scars. One of the most popular scar creams, Mederma, is based on onion extract. But does it work? The answer is no. You are better off using petroleum jelly. Also various … Continue reading

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Home Remedy Treatment Of Scars

The best home remedy treatment of scars is the one that is most appropriate for that particular type of scar. This distinction is essential because different types of therapy are required for different types of scar tissue. Here we are … Continue reading

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